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About us

Music is only something or other that you can never get enough of, and the more that you welcome it into your days, the better your life will turn into. As Zambians, we comprehend this on a profound level. We love music, searching it out in all that we do, endeavoring to invest our energy grinning and chuckling, trying sincerely so we can unwind considerably harder, moving or bouncing alongside our #1 tunes over and over. At, we praise the fun and joyful soul of Zambia, introducing a wide scope of substance that incorporates music, recordings, news, meetings, and music-related articles. This is an amusement site that is about incredible music above all else – the main hotspot for all your darling demonstrations and groups.


Dispatched in August 2019, is a result of Muzhinga Kasangili. It has filled quickly in prominence in the course of the most recent four years, piling up a faithful after and filling in its size and its broadness each and every day. As of now, the webpage positions among the best five most visited Zambian sites, and its crowd goes from one finish of the nation to the next.


There is in every case new substance on, and whatever your beat is, anyway it is that you like to get your blood siphoning and your body moving, you can go to us!


Our Mission


Zmreloaded’s point is to distribute, publicize and advance your nearby diversion media content, giving you a wide reach and crowd of millions of audience members and watchers inside and across boundaries of Zambia.


Zmreloaded’s subsequent point is to give its watchers the best of premiers and updates to stay up with the latest with the freshest and most recent media content