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How to make facebook single name in 2021



How to make facebook single name in 2021

How to make facebook single name in 2021

We all know that Facebook always wants us to use our real names and these names must include the the first and the last name. After doing a research I found out that Facebook has given the authority to indonesian people to have a single name on FB. Why Indonesian only? This is because most of the Indonesians don’t have family names so they are addressed using their first names, Facebook understands this situation that’s why FB has given this country an opportunity to have a single name. Have you ever wondered how people manage to make there Facebook accounts to have a single name( hiding the last name )?

It’s simple in this post I will show how to do it step by step

Step by step single name in 2021

Step 1

Since we are not from Indonesian are we left out? the answer is “No”, you just have to trick facebook that you are an Indonesian by changing your IP address(the address of any device connected to the internet) by using a VPN tagged “touch VPN” this app will help you change your IP location to Indonesia IP address this will make Facebook believe that we are really from Indonesia

Step 2

Click here to download the app

Install touch VPN app, open the app click on best choice and choose Indonesia then connect, once it gets connected the app will output the screen below just minimize the app  and  go back on Facebook.

How to make facebook single name in 2021

Step 3

N:B do this step while your VPN is connected or else it won’t work

Click on setting and privacy navigate to personal information. Edit your name e. g muzzy Tucker just empty the last name box, in short don’t enter anything in the last name box and just remain with the first name ( muzzy ) then click review changes, enter your password

How to make facebook single name in 2021

Step 4

disconnect the touch VPN app if you want just uninstall it

Drop your comment if you happen to face any challenges our team will respond to you

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